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We have our three winrars in the Doctor Who Tumblr Scavenger Hunt Contest!

Congratulations randomthunk, donricci, and ladyxdulcina! They won copies of Doctor Who The Complete Series 6 on DVD and Blu-ray courtesy of the best shop for British television based out of America in the world BBC America Shop Dot Com!!!

We’ll have a new contest coming up tomorrow…. this one will requires no going outside. But it does involve writing… and memories.

Holy shit! Congrats Kat! 8DDD!

Whoa, congrats Kat! Lucky~!

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    Reblogging just for that dancing Santa.
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    Best part was Nehs texting me during Roommate Taco Night and flailing and me going “hahaha I already knew”. xD Thanks...
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    *already knew about this ‘cause of the twitters, but congratulates anyway*
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    Whoa, congrats Kat! Lucky~!
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    Holy shit! Congrats Kat! 8DDD!
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    hey guys is it just me or was that third picture taken on the Denton Square?
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